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    Lewis River, Yellowstone, WY

    Very good!
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    Mavic Pro Pano

    That is an impressive view.
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    A Little Prairie Dog

    That is a great photo.
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    Mountain Beauties

    Very pretty flowers.
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    Iceland Sunset

    A great photo!
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    Yosemite Spring Flooding

    A great reflection.
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    Old School Photography

    That is a master piece! Is that your camera?
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    Crowded Waters at the Wedge

    Now that is sure crowded! Hope no one collided. The cropped one is better.
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    It does look like a brain!
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    Messing Around on the River

    Amazing how you caught it.
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    Badlands Sunrise

    Wicked lines and curves.
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    Rushing River

    I am really drawn in with this!
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