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    Mobius Morning

    Maybe the best photograph I have seen of that particular arch.
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    Watson Lake Shoreline

    This is gorgeous!
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    Lake Minnetonka Sunrise

    This is great.
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    Sunset at Pele's Well

    This is really special with the way the water pours into the hole and the color in the sky.
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    Gambel's Quail

    This is really great, I like seeing the feather details.
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    Woods Lake - Carson Pass

    Quite unusual, and very special.
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    Blue Lake Star Trails

    I like this one too, it's nice to see a new take.
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    Saving Their Raisins for Sunday

    This is a cute catch!
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    Splish Splash

    Such an interesting photo!
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    The Order of Things

    That is amazing!
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    This is very nice.
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    The Shining

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    Rolling To The Rice Fields

    This is nice!
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    Old Rusty Singer

    Wonderful work.
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