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    I just got out from backpacking in the mountains Joe and it’s awesome to have this be the first thread I look at. I haven’t seen the color version yet, but this B&W is truly a work of art! I hope the storm didn’t do too much damage to you.
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    Birthday Sunrise on Lake Casidy

    Congrats on the birthday Jim! And what a great experience to welcome it is n.
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    The Recipe #50 - Into the Sun

    Awesome layers Doug, and you worked the sun to perfection!
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    A Palouse Sunset

    Now that’s an awesome Palouse photo!!!
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    The Swan or Omega Nebula, M17, in 'Natural' Color Narrowband

    Great job Mike, and it’s awesome reading your description of the target and process. I have been back in the back country without reception, so it’s a great joy to come back and see this one.
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    Brewer's Angelica

    Nice change of pace with the position of the flower. This looks great.
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    Arctic Gentian

    That’s a beautiful area by Sloan lake. Nice job going back to capture these the next morning. I didn’t know you hiked up to Handies peak.
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    American Basin

    This is great Monika! And of course it was great hanging out with you too. American Basin is really a coolplace.
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    Morning Swan

    So elegant Joe! You worked the light to perfection and the swan performed so well for you.
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    Evening cloud

    That cloud was super cool and really amazing. You did a great job capturing it Ben.
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    The morning temple.

    The early light is really great! The Temples can stand alone even without sunrise or sunset colors.
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    Second Beach at Dusk +edit

    This looks awesome Alan, love that color in the sky and reflection. so reservations are needed? How and where do they check if you have a reservation? I thought most of those beaches had open access with no checkpoints.
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    A Different View at Schwabacher

    I like the lighting in this, that’s a good eye you had.
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    Chiricahua National Monument, AZ

    This is really great John! Love the light in this.
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    Perfect Night at the Lighthouse

    This is with the drone? Sorry if that’s a dumb question.o_O This looks so cool, I love the way you worked the sun, and composition is perfect. Sometimes people do pano’s just for the sake of it being a pano, and not because the composition called for it. But the pano works perfect here.
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