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    Friday's Focus - 2020/08/07 - Grass

    Somewhere along Hwy 140 to Yosemite Yosemite's Elm Tree in meadow
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/07/24 - Beaches

    My fave coastal venue, Garapatta, Some 6x7 film
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/07/24 - Beaches

    After I retired, for some reason I went the opposite direction. I recently did a workshop in Death Valley, where I probably did close to 30 4x5 images. Mostly B&W since I do my own B&W dev. Yes, the loss of local labs has been a hit for color. I use a local lab for 120, but use Denver...
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/07/24 - Beaches

    Very nice. I'm partial to the B&W, but the Astia shot is sweet. BTW, are you shooting 4x5 again?
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    Waterfall Wednesday 7/22/2020

    Now that's a long bridle veil! Does this empty on to a beach for the lake? Love the cliffs coloring
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    Waterfall Wednesday 7/22/2020

    This one's a bit cliche' Yosemite Lower Falls on a rainy day where there was more "rain" from the flow of the falls. This is taken with the 4x5. After the setup was done, I would wipe camera & lens one last time. My brother-in-law quickly covered it with his jacket. Holding the cable release, I...
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    Waterfall Wednesday 7/22/2020

    Great "visual irony" going on here. Very dramatic
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    NEOWISE this morning

    This was taken from the Coyote valley, south of San Jose. Got up up to Metcalf park by 3:30. I should have done a recon in daylight to locate best viewing spot. As it turned out, it wasn't near to being overhead of Lick Observatory from my location. o_O I kept scanning the skies with...
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    Thursday's Task - 07-09-2020

    These photographs mark the beginning of a journey. This is in early Feb of 2008, when I had began getting back into photography. For a couple of years prior, I had been acquainting myself with my 1st DSLR. I did a little photo journalism with some success but didn't really get the landscape...
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/07/03 - Busy

    Being busy in the desert. These are close-ups of erosion & rock falls
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    One Last Palouse image.

    A very nice image. The simplicity of it, with the right elements.
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    Waterfall Wednesday 7/1/2020

    Yosemite, last year this time. Upper Yosemite from the trail Vernal Falls, from the bridge
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    Skyline B&W

    Love it! Of course I see it as a 4x5 opportunity 😆
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/06/26 - Letter B

    I think I took my shoes off! Between the angle & the focal length, not as close as it seems
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    Friday's Focus - 2020/06/26 - Letter B

    Bowling Ball Beach. That's three Bs! Bristlecone Pine
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