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  1. Jim Sanderson
    Jim Sanderson AlanLichty
    Alan, any thoughts on photographic opportunities in the Bend area? I’m going to be camping at Crane Prairie next week and will have a couple of days to shoot. Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. Giovanni
    All of my portraits are candid or semi-candid, in no instance I ever asked my models to pose
  3. Vieri
    Leica Ambassador
  4. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Sam Peters
    Hello Sam. I see you joined in Feb but have not posted anything yet. Thats fine, but if there are any issues, plese let me know.
  5. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Ken D Moulder
    Hello Ken, I see you joined back in Feb but have not posted anything yet. Looking forward to your first post. What are your photo interests?
  6. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Tim Anderson
    Hello Tim, I see you joined Feb 25th but have not posted anything. I bet you have lots of Sedona images, a place I never tire of seeing. Looking foreward to your firts post.
  7. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Eric Nelson
    Hello Eric. Good to see all your posts, keep em comming.
  8. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Nancy Brown
    Hello Nancy. I see you joined on Mar 1, but have not posted anything yet. Looking foreward to your first post. What are your photo ambitions? If you are having any trouble with the site, I might be able to help.
  9. Ben Egbert
    Ben Egbert Rafael
    Hello Rafael. I see you joind a couple weeks ago, but have not posted anything. Looking foreward to seeing your first post. What is your primary interest in photography?
    1. Rafael
      Hi Ben! My primary interests in photography are astrophotography, nature landscape, and outdoors in general.

      I got my first post up that shows a praying mantis!

      Nice to meet you here!
      Mar 26, 2018
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  10. M_J_Helin
  11. Al B
    Al B
    Retired Landscape Photographer
  12. Al B
    Al B
    Retired Photographer
  13. Yiannis Pavlis
  14. Giovanni
  15. Greg Fountain
    Greg Fountain
    My camera sometimes takes nice pictures.
  16. Aaron Macomber
    Aaron Macomber JimFox
    Hey Jim! I got a tip to come check this forum out, great to see lots of old familiar faces. I recently came back to FM, but its not the same over there.

    Hope you're well! - A
    1. JimFox
      It’s awesome to have you here Aaron! Yeah, things seem to be a lot different over at FM now, there is just a different feel. I like the friendly atmosphere we have been able to developer here. :)
      Dec 1, 2017
  17. Roguecoolman
  18. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle Teresa Gilbert
    go to the basic photography forum, and say hi. I am the first one to post in there as all these other people are Peter Lik's & Joe McNallys
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  19. Teresa Gilbert
    Teresa Gilbert
    I am PASSIONATE about photography and want to take mine to the next level. I'll need all the help I can get.
  20. Darcy Grizzle
    Darcy Grizzle Teresa Gilbert
    they will help you, we will both learn so much!
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